Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Welcome New Sponsor

Our new sponsor of the radio show, Talk With Your Animals, is Earth Pet. It is a wonderful and friendly pet store located at 660 Front St. North, Issaquah. Telephone # is 425-369-0208. The store carries natural foods for cats and dogs as well as toys, chews, beds, collars, leashes for them. If your dog or cat has allergies, give Earth Pet a call or stop by to see which natural food would be right for your pet.
Optimum Choices and Pet Essences are also great sponsors of the show! Optimum Choices specializes in offering optimum health care products and foods for people and pets such as BioSuperfood and BioPreparation. For more information regarding Optimum Choices, please visit their website, www.optimumchoices.com. Pet Essences are all natural flower essences for your pets. There is a formula for almost every situation like travelling with your pet; cat spraying in your house; new animal being added to your family; animal grieving over a lost family member. For more information regarding Pet Essences, please visit their website, www.petessences.com.
Thank you to all who came to the Average Joe Cat Show and stopped by Talk With Your Animals' booth. Joy enjoyed meeting everyone!


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