Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Last Week of October

Today, October 25th, Joy's guest is Polly Fox, the creator of Pet Essences, one of our marvelous sponsors. Polly will talk about how Flower Essences balance emotional attitudes so that gentle changes can occur that bring renewed energy forward and short circuit the path to illness. For more information regarding Pet Essences, please visit Polly's website, www.petessences.com

On Saturday and Sunday, November 5 & 6 from Noon to 5 PM, Joy will be having a basic animal communication class at her home. To reserve your spot and get directions, please e-mail Martha at Martha@TalkWithYourAnimals.com. If you have taken the basic animal communication class and are interested in the intermediate communication class, let Martha know.

What a great way to do some painless holiday shopping and help a wonderful cause at the same time! Host a PETlane PAWty to help the animals affected by Hurricane Katrina! This is the last week to book and host your Katrina Benefit Pawty, please call PETlanePals, (Dan & Susan) at 425-378-0157 or send them an email at PETlanePals@Comcast.net.

Personally, their efforts have also delivered a new life into their home. Last Friday night Susan and Dan welcomed a beautiful one year old chocolate lab mix into their home while authorities continue to search for his owners. It is obvious that he was loved and cared for before he was rescued roaming the streets of New Orleans in the days after Katrina.

From another one of our marvelous sponsors, If Your Horse Could Talk is gearing up for our 2nd year of the Natural Horse Talk mini magazine. It is an excellent resource for horse lovers throughout the world. The magazine is produced 6 times per year and is available in Acrobat PDF format and sent via email, in printed form, or a combination of both. To learn more about the mini magazine and to order it, please visit the website, http://www.naturalhorsetalk.com/ or call 480-671-4896.


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