Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday's Guest

On Tuesday, February 21, Joy's guest will be Russell Louie of Optimum Choice, one of our wonderful sponsors. He will be talking about serious but safe aromatherapy for Animals. Just because they are natural doesn't mean all essential oils are safe for animals. Russell will go over what he considers to be serious aromatherapy, misconceptions about aromatherapy and how to safely use therapeutic-grade essential oils on animals. Come listen and learn why essential oils are called "Nature's medicine kit." To learn more about essential oils, please visit his website, www.OptimumChoices.com.

Just a reminder, the radio show, Talk With Your Animals airs Tuesday nights from 5-6 PM PT on 1150 AM in the Seattle area and streams over the Internet at www.talkwithyouranimals.com. It also rebroadcasts on www.animalradio.com. Our wonderful sponsors are Optimum Choices, Pet Essences, The Natural Pet Pantry, Mystic Mountain Retreat, Natural Horse Talk and Canine Behavior Center. Our wonderful mentions are New Woman Books, HO Creations, and Happy Pets Pet Sitting.


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