Tuesday, October 10, 2006

German Shephard/ Black Lab Mix Puppy

A client e-mailed the following to me. We have a neighbor boy that bought a German Shephard/Black Lab mix about 3 weeks ago. He bought him from a lady in Kent who needed to find him a new home because she would not be home much. This puppy is about 4 months old (I’m guessing). The boy has since decided he doesn’t like him because he bites. This kid doesn’t have a clue on how to take care of a puppy. So because of this he built him a pen outside and this is where he stays 24/7. They never play with him or take him for walks and he doesn’t have any toys to chew on or play with. It’s very sad and I’m trying to find him a good home. He hardly ever barks except when the kids are in the back yard playing. My husband took him on a walk last week and he was so good. He was very excited to be out of his pen. We have asked 2 other times to take him for a walk but the kid (15 year old) won’t let us. He said he would sell the dog to us (can’t because we have 5 cats). There is some tension between us because I am so disgusted with him. I will put up the money for him if I can find him a good home. Money talks with this kid so I am pretty sure he would let me have him.
He’s all black with German S. type hair and floppy ears. He really is cute and he really is a good boy. He just needs someone who knows what they are doing and give him love, and I’m sure the biting will stop. He’s not doing it in an aggressive manner, just play.
I hoping you might know someone that may be interested in this little guy. He deserves better.

This puppy lives in the Kent area of Washington state. If you are interested in the puppy, please contact Martha@talkwithyouranimals.com. He needs a home full of love.


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