Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Natural Pet Pantry

This Wednesday Joy will be highlighting the virtues of The Natural Pet Pantry, one of our wonderful sponsors. "ONE STOP SHOP" for all the nutritional needs of your pet. Their goal is to offer your pet the most unique homemade, "healthy," great tasting food and treats available on the market at an affordable price. Handmade, natural organic Cat & Dog Food. Cooked or Raw. They take the work out of "raw food feeding". The food is formulated to suit your pets needs and prepared for your convenience. Jacque, the founder of The Natural Pet Pantry works directly with a few of the local holistic vets in the Seattle area in preparing special meals for dogs (and cats) that have specific medical needs. Whether it be for allergies, cancer, pancreatitis, diabetes, or just good taste, The Natural Pet Pantry can make it. Located at 830 SW 152nd, Burien, WA. The telephone # 206-248-1079. www.naturalpetpantry.com

The radio show, Talk With Your Animals, broadcasts on Wednesdays from 12 to 1 PM PT. If you are in the Seattle area, tune into 1150AM KKNW. Or you can listen to the show over the Internet by going to the website, www.talkwithyouranimals.com, go to the radio show links page, and then click on the listen live button for KKNW. Telephone number for the radio show is 425-373-5527 so call in and ask a question of your animal kid. The toll free number if you are in Western Washington is 1-888-298-5569.

Our wonderful sponsors of the radio show are Optimum Choices - www.optimumchoices.com, Pet Essences - www.petessences.com, The Natural Pet Pantry - www.naturalpetpantry.com, Natural Horse Talk - www.naturalhorsetalk.com, Eagle Pack Pet Foods - www.eaglepack.com, Dooley's Dog House - www.dooleysdoghouse.com and our mention - Holistic Horse Magazine - www.holistichorse.com. Please let our sponsors know that Joy sent you.

Thank you to all who came to Smiley Dog's Open House and Sisters of the Air, Magical Gifts last weekend as well as all the other events during the year. Joy and Martha have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone. We look forward to seeing you again next year! If you are interested in Joy participating in your favorite event next year, please contact Martha at 206-850-6485 or Martha@talkwithyouranimals.com, so the event maybe added to the schedule.

News from Optimum Choices, LLC - December Sale — PETS DESERVE PRESENTS TOO!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Eid ul-Fitr or the Winter Solstice don't forget your pet. To celebrate the season of giving, Optimum Choices will give your pet a FREE gift with every order of BioPreparation (BioSuperfood for animals) through December 31, 2007. If you have a dog, we'll send you a sample bag of Active Care's Healthy Joint Chews. If you have a cat we'll send you one of three cat toys. Please specify which species (or both) in the Pet/People Info box of our Shopping Cart. The website to order is www.optimumchoices.com

Active Care Healthy Joint Chews for Dogs is a healthy dog chew supplying the chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine HCl in the form nature intended (not a supplement) for your companion animals. All-natural treat made from natural bovine cartilage with no man-made ingredients. Contains NO carbohydrates (starch fillers), binders, propylene glycol, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Dogs love the taste of these chewy treats. For older pets with arthritis or hip dysplasia and for younger pets to help prevent it. Good for all ages. Russell's 9 year old Chihuahua loves them (he recommends soaking these chews for smaller dogs). www.optimumchoices.com

Cat Toys - Feathered ping-pong ball, furry mouse or catnip 'birdie'. Unless you have a strong preference, Russell and Margaret would enjoy choosing the toy for your cat. www.optimumchoices.com

GIFT CERTIFICATES!Looking for a gift for your friend who wants to talk with his/her animal kid(s) or is in need of talking with someone or a pet who has passed over or with Spiritual Guides or Soul? How about a gift certificate for a session with Joy! Sessions are in 30 minute increments. The cost for each 30 minute increment is $75. To purchase a gift certificate, you can call Joy at 425-867-1779 or order through the website, www.talkwithyouranimals.com.


Sittin’ Pretty Cat Products, through a special donation campaign, is pleased to support Joy Turner’s “Talk With Your Animals” radio program and her continuing services designed to enhance a pet lover’s level of interaction and understanding of their animal companions. Through December 31, 2007, for each SITTIN’ PRETTY CAT LITTER BASKET™ purchased, “Talk With Your Animals” will receive $15.00 from each sale. Supporters may securely order over the Internet at www.sittinpretty.com or by mailing their check or money order to Sittin’ Pretty Cat Products; 651 N. Wilcox Avenue; Suite 1C; Los Angeles, CA 9004. Inquiries regarding this campaign can be sent directly from our website. [Please note: California residents are subject to 8.25% sales taxes]. Your thoughtful generosity during the season of giving will not only support a wonderful program and the good people behind it, and consumers receive a great product for their felines in return.

Tara from Rainbow Healing in Kent, WA is offering Reiki sessions for humans with the proceeds going to benefit Talk With Your Animals. You can set up an appointment either in Kent or Woodinville, WA locations. Reiki is a “hands on” healing modality. A session is 30-60 minutes in length (allow for 1 hour) for $40. In this state, the body experiences a deep level of healing and recovery. And Tara is happy to accommodate this lovely treatment in support of Talk With Your Animals!!! Contact Tara at 253-520-1098 or email tara_iacolucci@yahoo.com.


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