Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Guest on June 28 show

On June 28th Joy's guest will be Lisa Ross-Williams of Natural Horse Talk. The mission of her show, If Your Horse Could Talk, is to bring all the natural horse care concepts together in one place and in a variety of ways so it is easy to learn and apply. For over 5 years her show has been educating horse owners on a more natural approach to their horses. It is one of the top natural horse care websites on the Internet. Please check out the website, www.naturalhorsetalk.com for If Your Horse Could Talk show, clinics, consultations, a variety of articles, and their natural product store. Also listen to Lisa's interview with Joy!
Thank you to all who came to King County Adoptathon in Kent, WA on Saturday. Martha enjoyed meeting everyone! Please check Joy's schedule to see if she will be in a Washington town near you this year. Maybe you would like her to come to your event. If so, please e-mail Martha@TalkWithYourAnimals.com to arrange a day and time.


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