Monday, July 24, 2006

These Hot Days of Summer

Please remember your animal kids during these hot days of summer. We, humans, wear light clothing, drink lots of water, find a cool place to be, etc. We probably look forward to going to our air conditioned jobs just for the relief of the heat. Well, about your animal kids? Do they have plenty of water? Do they have a cool place to rest? Have you thought about giving them a summer hair cut? Maybe you could buy them a kiddie pool and fill it with water for them to play in. Remember to leave a fan or the air conditioner on during the day for them. If you want to exercise them, do it in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler. Remember to take a water bottle for them. Please leave them home instead of taking them in the car. Did you know the temperature in a car can rise 40 degrees in one hour? Most of that increased temperature occurs in the first 30 minutes. It does not matter if it is a cloudy day or the car is parked in the shade. So please remember your animal kids' comfort and safety on these hot days.

Tuesday, July 25, Joy's guest is Peter Atkins of Natura Pet Products. He will be discussing the latest trends as well as nutrition for our animal kids. To find store locations where Natura's products are sold go to In Seattle, WA, Natura's products are sold in stores from All the Best Pet Care and Crown Hill Pet Supply to Fetch and Next to Nature. To find other stores in Seattle, please go to The stores in Tacoma, WA include Chirp and Company (For Pet's Sake), Green Cottage Fircrest, and Next to Nature. To learn more about Natura, please call 800-532-7261 or check out the website,

Reminder - The radio show, Talk With Your Animals airs Tuesday nights from 5-6 PM PT on 1150 AM in the Seattle area and streams over the Internet at It also rebroadcasts on The show is now brought to you in part by our sponsor, Transfer Factor from 4Life Research Our other wonderful sponsors are Optimum Choices -, Pet Essences -, The Natural Pet Pantry -, Mystic Mountain Retreat -, Natural Horse Talk -, Canine Behavior Center -, and Animavet -

Thank you to all who came to New Woman Books on Saturday in spite of the heat. Joy and Martha had a wonderful time talking with everyone. The next event will be a Open Forum on Sunday, August 20 at Joy's place in Woodinville, WA.


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