Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Thought you might find the following interesting. It was e-mailed to Joy by Kris L. Christine, Co-Trustee, Co-Founder of The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust.

Wyoming has a new rule which would require cats and dogs deemed "unvaccinated" to be immediately euthanized if they SCRATCH or bite a human, see news story Bear in mind, vaccinated animals overdue for boosters are considered to be "unvaccinated" despite the science showing durations of immunity for the rabies vaccine well beyond 3 years. Pet owners living in or traveling through Wyoming with their animals would be well-advised to take action on this matter.

Also, you will also find the following very interesting regarding vaccinating your animal. There are estimated to be more than 66 million dogs in the United States -- all of which are required by state laws to be immunized against rabies annually or triennially with one of the most antigenically potent veterinary vaccines known to cause significant, and occasionally fatal, adverse reactions. Aubert's French challenge studies and Dr. Ronald Schultz's serological studies indicate that U.S. laws require dogs to be overvaccinated against rabies, exposing them unnecessarily to the risk of potentially grave adverse reactions.

While FDA vaccine testing and licensing requirements are unavoidable, the rabies challenge studies to be conducted by Dr. Ronald Schultz of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine could provide the data needed for states to extend their rabies booster laws. This research has the potential to positively impact the health of over 66 million dogs. That enormous benefit must be weighed against the FDA's mandate that the study animals be euthanized at the end of the research to test for rabies.

To learn more about this interesting subject, please check out the website,

Thank you to all who came to the Bark Central last Saturday. Joy and Martha were delighted to meet and talk with you! Hope to see you and your animal kids again!

Thank you also to all of you who e-mailed Martha regarding being a caller for Animal Radio Network. Joy is looking forward to taking your calls. This is not a one-time deal. If later on in the year you decide you would like to be a caller and have not yet been a caller, please e-mail to let her know what Friday at 10 AM PT works best for you.

Remember in June, Joy will be at the following: Kitsap Humane Society PetsWalk in Bremerton, WA on Saturday June 3; Group session at her place in Woodinville, WA on Saturday, June 10; Sirius about Dogs in Seattle, WA on Saturday & Sunday, June 17 & 18; and at Valley Acre Farm in Tacoma, WA on Wednesday, June 21. For more information about these events, please check Joy's schedule on the website, or e-mail


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