Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Woman Books

Is there someone on the other side you would like to be able to communicate with? Do you have issues in your life you would like some guidance about? Maybe you need closure with a soul who has passed over. Perhaps you are seeking a different perspective on life. You can talk with humans or animals who have passed over, or with your Guides/Guardians or Souls. Joy will be at New Woman Books from 1-3 PM on Saturday, November 18 facilitating this fun event. New Woman Books is located at 213 West Meeker St., Kent, WA. The cost of the seminar is $25. To register for this seminar, please contact Judith at New Woman Books at 253-854-4311 or Martha at 206-522-5157 or e-mail her at

Are you interested in helping servicemen and women in the Middle East bring their 4-legged friends back to the US? Maybe you are interested in fostering a 4-legged friend when these people go to the Middle East. Check out the website, to find out how you can help! Military Mascots is a grassroots all volunteer effort dedicated to the assistance of US deployed Service Members who have befriended a Mascot on Foreign Ground.


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