Monday, December 18, 2006

Gift Ideas

Joy and Martha wish you all the very merriest of Christmases and happiest of Holidays as well as a glorious 2007. Keep love in your Heart and remember you can never love your animal kids too much. You can only love them, hopefully, enough! They are great teachers and our best friends! Love to you all.

Joy receives many books in the mail. She reads them all. She compiled a list of the ones she thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe in this list there is a book or two you would like to give as gifts. The following is her holiday book list as well as a magazine list.

10 Secrets My Dog Taught Me - Life's Lessons from a Man's Best Friend by Carol DeVito
Found Dogs - Tales of Strays Who Landed on Their Feet by Elise Lufkin
Second Chances - More Tales of Found Dogs by Elise Lufkin
Dogs of Dreamtime - A Story About Second Chances and the Power of Love by Karen Shanley
No Hurdle Too High - The Story of Show Jumper Margie Goldstein Engle by Mona Pastroff Goldstein
My Smart Puppy - Fun, Effective, and Easy Puppy Training by Brian Kilcommons and Sara Wilson
Angel Horses - Divine Messengers of Hope by Allen and Linda Anderson
Believe - A Horseman's Journey - by Buck Brannanman - how his horse training helps humans
Is My Dog a Wolf? - How Your Pet Compares to Its Wild Cousin by Jenni Bidner
Love Your Dog Pictures - How to Photograph Your Dog with any Camera by Jenni Bidner
Tails of Devotion - A Look at the Bond Between People and their Pets by Emily Scott Pottruck - pictures and short stories about people and the animals they love. All proceeds donated.
Catalyst - Me and You Too - Story of how a stray cat started an animal friendly community by Bob Harvey
The Dog Behavior Answer Book - Practical Insights - Proven Solutions for Your Canine Questions by Arden Moore
First Light - Animal Voices in Concert by Ardeth DeVries
All Books of Idiot's Guide to ....

Suggested Magazines also as Gifts:
Holistic Horse
Whole Dog Journal
Animal Wellness
Equine Wellness
John Lyons Perfect Horse

Or how about a gift certificate for a session with Joy? Sessions are in 30 minute increments. The cost for each 30 minute increment is $75. To purchase a gift certificate, you can call Joy at 425-867-1779 or order through the website,


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