Thursday, December 07, 2006

Perfect Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for the animal lover on your Christmas list? How about a gift certificate for a session with Joy? Sessions are in 30 minute increments. The cost for each 30 minute increment is $75. To purchase a gift certificate, you can call Joy at 425-867-1779 or order through the website,
You might find this interesting. now has a pet guide. The following was written by Joe Wiesenfelder, Sr. Editor,
Whether it's a once a year trip to the veterinarian or your pet travels with you everywhere, pet owners are challenged with the task of keeping themselves and their animal companion safe and comfortable in the car. With that in mind, has launched a guide for pet owners to help them make educated decisions about the types of products and car features that are available for consumers, for the upcoming holidays.
The new pet guide includes information on the types of products that are available to help secure pets safely in the car and offers tips on traveling with pets. The guide also provides some insight into what some professionals in the pet industry drive themselves and what car manufacturers offer aftermarket products that cater to pet owners. The new pet guide can be accessed through the website,


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