Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Events

Thank you to all who came to the Average Joe Cat Show last Saturday. Joy and Martha were delighted to meet and talk with you! Hope to see you again!

For those of you who live south of Seattle and would like a session with your animal, Joy will be at Bark Central in Parkland, WA from 11 AM to 4 PM on Saturday, May 13. Bark Central is located at 205 118th Street South, Tacoma, WA. You can either have a 15 minute session for $40 or 30 minute session for $75. To schedule a session, please call Janine at 253-537-3994 or call Martha at 206-522-5157.

On Saturday, June 10 from 12-4 PM at Joy's house in Woodinville, WA. Group Session - 15 minutes for $45. If you've always wanted to talk with your animals and find the radio format too short and 30 minutes longer than you think you can fill, this is the perfect event for you! You can bring animals who are friendly with multiple species and have nothing communicable including fleas. If animals are more relaxed at home, leave them there and we can speak with them anyway. First person to register is first to be spoken with. To pre-register and obtain directions, please contact Martha either by calling 206-522-5157 or e-mailing Martha@talkwithyouranimals.com. You can come without pre-registering. If there is time available, you can have a session.


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