Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day from Pet Essences

Tuesday, February 13 - Joy's guest is Polly Fox, founder of Pet Essences - All natural flower essences for your pet.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Pet Essences! As we prepare to share loving feelings with those we cherish on a day devoted to expressions of the heart, one way to share Love with our animals is through the gift of flower essences from Pet Essences®. Our animal friends and companions could truly benefit from a vibrational treat that facilitates ease and re-establishes balance on many levels. Some give beautiful flowers to their beloved as an expression of Love on Valentine’s Day. Think of Pet Essences® formulas as vibrational bouquets given to your animals to express your Love for them in a way that will enhance their health, happiness and wellbeing.

Animals are particularly responsive to energies around them, so flower essences with their gentle vibrations are extraordinarily effective with animals. They are aware of our feelings and receive the energy of actions we take to express our Love for them, so what better Valentine could we give than an essence providing subtle but profound energetic support? And remember, the energetic pattern of a flower’s energy has been transferred to pure water by the sun, making the flower formulas’ vibrations especially welcome at this time of year!

Pet Essences® formulas support the emotional balance that underlies true health and nourish the body’s innate capacity to heal. The formulas are useful in a wide range of situations encountered while sharing life with your animals. When looking at our catalog of remedies, if you are not sure which ones to choose, we encourage you to let intuition be your guide.

Always remember that flower essences are absolutely safe: they do no harm. If you choose the wrong remedy, you may not get the results you are looking for, but there will be no negative side effects. . If you are not sure your animal has a problem in a certain area, you can rest assured when giving one of the Pet Essences® formulas that if your animal does not need the vibration a remedy introduces, nothing will happen.

If a remedy jumps out at you when looking at a list of our remedies, if your awareness stops on one for some reason, please go with it. Your heart and inner knowing are your truest guides and offer wisdom to those who listen.

Your animals could benefit from a remedy for a weakness that you have not yet recognized. As with ourselves, conditions often brew for quite a while before obvious symptoms manifest. An animal’s body does not need adjusting unless its vibrational rate is lower than optimum, in which case the information systems of the body - the cells receiving the communication of the flower formula - see the need to raise their functioning level to optimum and begin to do so. When you give a flower essence formula, cells identify the remedial vibration of the essence, recognize their mission, and begin their work of balancing and harmonizing the system.

Let’s look at a few specific formulas that would make a great Valentines’ Day gift to your animals.

Emotional Stability offers your animals the support and psychic protection they sometimes need to have their own stable emotional world and be in it regardless of what is going on around them.

Anxiety and Fear takes the fear out of an animal’s emotional experience.

Life Force Zest supports renewed vitality and energizes sustained wellbeing.

Calming Solution is for the demanding attitudes of “pet me, feed me, take me for a walk”.

Meridians helps cells communicate and restores a balanced flow of chi or life force through the meridians of the body. An excellent one to take after surgery.

Internal Cleansing is for helping remove residues from pharmaceutical drugs your animal may have taken at the time of surgery or other health crisis.

Immune System Booster addresses the immune system upon whose strength all wellness ultimately depends.

Endocrine System is to offset the impact of environmental pollutants on the all-important glandular system.

Trauma Recovery helps those animals that may have suffered trauma or neglect.

Depression and Grieving helps when sorrow dampens your animal’s spirit, whether from loss of another animal in the household or from a loved family member leaving home.

Emergency Rescue is for in the event of an emergency of any kind.

Pet Essences® formulas offer the compassionate animal caregiver an ideal expression of Love on Valentine’s Day. Remember to let intuition be your guide and follow your heart this Valentines’ Day. For more information about flower essences and locate a store in your area, please check out the website, or call # 877-233-1607.

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Thank you to all who participated in the Advanced Communication Class! The animal communication came quite easily to the Advanced Class. Great Job, Class! If you are interested in signing up for the Basic or the Intermediate Animal Communication Class (pre-requisite - Basic Class), please contact Martha either by e-mail, or telephone, 206-522-5157. The next Basic Class is May 5 & 6 from Noon to 5 PM each day in Woodinville, WA; the next Intermediate Class is April 21 & 22 from Noon to 5 PM each day in Woodinville, WA. If you are interested in taking the Basic class and this location is too far for you to travel, perhaps you would like to set up a class in your area. Please contact Martha for more details.


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