Monday, February 26, 2007

A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear

Tuesday, February 27 - Joy's guest is Stanley Popovich, author of A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear. Every one of us feels fear from time to time. But now, we no longer have to allow those fears to rule us. Through 15 years of extensive research, in-depth interviews with both psychologists and spiritual advisors and a compassionate evaluation of the underlying nature of fear, Stan has collected an incalculable wealth of successful techniques for the management of fear.

Stan will be discussing the following: How people who own pets/other animals deal with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. How these mental issues effect how we deal with our pets, which include abuse, neglect, other things. What are some effective ways pet owners can deal with fear and anxiety. The importance of getting help. The importance of not taking your problems out on your pets. It's not their fault. Animals can help us to manage our stresses. To learn more about Stan, please visit the website,

The radio show, Talk With Your Animals airs Tuesday nights from 5-6 PM PT on 1150 AM in the Seattle area and streams live over the Internet at It also rebroadcasts on To call into the show to ask a question of your animal kid, please call 425-373-5527. Our wonderful sponsors are Optimum Choices -, Pet Essences -, The Natural Pet Pantry -, Natural Horse Talk -, Holistic Horse -, Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic - and our mention - New Woman Books -

Remember if you would like a private session with Joy to either talk with your animals or your spiritual guides/guardian angels or soul or those(human or animal)who have passed, you can call her at 425-867-1779 or e-mail her at to set up an appointment. She does the majority of her sessions over the phone so you don't have to live in the Seattle area to have a session. Nor do you have to wait for the radio show or an event to be able to talk with your animals, soul or spiritual guides/guardian angels or those(human or animal)who have passed. Also, in case you did not know, Joy works with missing animals.


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