Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The following was e-mailed to us by a listener. He wanted others to know about CareCredit for our beloved pets.

A vet in Issaquah to whom I took my dog, Lily, indicated the procedure they were considering for her would be quite expensive. Being unable to pay for such an amount up front they referred me to CareCredit and I applied online for their coverage for the amount of Lily's procedure. Within 5 minutes Lily & I had full coverage and the vet, assured me he would be paid for the visit to treat Lily. Thankfully it turned out Lily didn't need anything more than a minor treatment but it sure was a relief to know we were covered for something much more intensive. I still have the line of credit with CareCredit and it is good for services with other healthcare facilities such as dentists or doctors. I haven't used CareCredit's services yet, thankfully, but given the cost of vet or healthcare, it's nice to know I won't be turned away.

Thank you, Patrick for this information.

You want the best care possible for your pet but are you prepared for the unexpected expense? Now you can be with CareCredit with its No Interest and Extended Payment Plans. An exclusive line of credit for your pet care expenses, freeing your cash and major credit cards for other purchases. An easy solution to the dilemma of whether to accept costly treatment for a pet. Flexible, low monthly payments with no up-front costs. There are a choice of several payment plans, so clients can use the one that best fits their needs. No application fee, no annual fees, and no pre-payment penalties.
To learn more about this service and to see if your vet offers CareCredit, check out the website, www.carecredit.com.

Thank you to all who came to the Average Joe Cat Show! So exciting - 30 cats found their forever homes! Martha & Joy had a great time talking with everyone! If you were not able to attend the show, Joy will be at the Grand Opening for Unleashed Pawsabilities on Saturday, May 19, 12 to 4 PM. It is located at 2420 NE Blakeley St, Seattle, WA (East of University Village). Come by and check out this wonderful new store. Meet the owners, Stephanie and Lynda. Mini-sessions - 5 minutes $15 or 10 minutes $30. To reserve your time for a session, please call #206-525-0075.


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