Monday, June 09, 2008

Welcome ScratchnAll

Welcome ScratchnAll to Talk With Your Animals family!! A new, very unique and high-quality, animal-enrichment item has recently been introduced to the animal world. ScratchnAll ----- that’s “scratch”, the letter “N” as in Nancy, A-L-L

ALL animals love a good scratch - from alpacas to zebras and everything in between. What makes this product unique is the fact that it has 4 interlocking sides so you put it together like a puzzle. It will also bend over a 90o corner. When mounting it on a solid surface, you can create your own design and build a grid that will accommodate any animals’ needs. Build it high or wide simply by “adding a pad.” It's a stationary pad for your animal to use at will.

Made of silicon rubber it will withstand all weather. When mounted flat, the V-notch in the back allows water to flow through it. It protects animals eyes and skin when scratching or rubbing. Cover all heads or splintered wood – just “add a pad” to the area where they now scratch. The design of this pad allows animals to scratch under their chin because of being able to mount it on a 90 degree corner like a dutch door.

Do your cats rub on the corners in your home? Now you can attach a ScratchnAll low on the corner wall so that instead of just rubbing on a wall and making it dirty, there is something on the wall that will give back.

Each pad measures 5” x 6” and it comes in “Milk” (an opaque white), “Rustic Red” (barn red); Winners Blue (royal blue) or “Southwest Sunset” (green blue). Generally very easy to clean as most animal hair can be removed all at once with just a simple and gentle pulling action.

ScratchnAll is a wonderful animal enrichment product which allows your pet to experience that exhilarating “feel good” feeling. It can be considered to be therapeutic as well.

When you visit the website, be sure to watch the 3 videos – one of a donkey, lynx and horse. Listen too to the audio testimonial about a pot-bellied pig.

Offer more kindness to your animals by giving them something that “safely” gives back. Your animals will love you for it.

Great gift idea for all occasions for any person owning an animal. Hurry – order for Father’s Day because people love it too. Mount it in the bathroom, walk-in closet or workout room.

For more information and to watch the videos, please visit The phone number is 1-888-9-SCRATCH or 1-888-972-7282. Discounts are available for large quantity orders so this makes a perfect fund-raiser for any animal organization, rescue or shelter.

Wednesday, June 11 Joy's guest is Zoe Brooks, co-founder of Nurtural Horse and advocate of the bitless bridle and another wonderful member of Talk With Your Animal's family. The bitless bridle forms a cradle around the horse’s head so the rein pressure and release intuitively gives consistent signals to turn, slow or stop your horse. For the rider, it feels no different than riding with a bit ... except that most say they actually ride better because they develop lighter hands and focus on all their aids. The reins attach close to the horse's mouth, so the action is like a bit. For the horse, it is more comfortable and more natural than a bit. Imagine what you can do when your horse is working with you, not just for you! For more information regarding Products to Nurture both the horse and owner, visit

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