Tuesday, July 17, 2007

East West Bookshop

Thank you to all who came to the 9th Annual Pacific Northwest Chihuahua Fundraiser on Saturday and The Savvy Dog Boutique on Sunday. Joy and Martha had a great time talking with everyone! Next Saturday and Sunday, Joy will be at the East West Bookshop. It is located at 6500 Roosevelt Way NE in Seattle, WA.

On Saturday, July 21st from 12 - 4 PM, Joy will be facilitating a seminar regarding a variety of topics. Animal communication, those (both human or animal) who have passed over, your Guides/Guardians or Souls, and about Reality. She will also take general questions from the audience about each topic. The cost of the seminar is $25. From 4 - 4:30 PM, she will be signing her book, The Spiritual Principles of Consciousness and Manifestation. Books will be on hand for you to purchase. If you would like a more in depth conversation, please sign up for a private session.

On Sunday, July 22nd from 12 - 6 PM, Joy will be facilitating private sessions so you may speak with your animal kids, those who have passed over both humans and animals and/or your Spiritual Guides/Guardian Angels or Soul. The cost of the private sessions is $75 per 30 minutes. To sign up for the seminar and private sessions, please call East West Bookshop. Telephone #206-523-3726 or 1-800-587-6002. To learn more about the store, check out the website, www.eastwestbookshop.com. The bookstore requests that you not bring your animals to the store.

NEW - Animal Communication Club is being offered to everyone who has taken any of Joy's animal communication classes. Have access to Joy through email to ask her questions about the communication process (not about your animal specifically). Receive help with the following: places you are stuck, move skills to a new level, the type of questions or the way you are asking the questions, your interpretations from the animals, etc.

A club newsletter with questions and answers will be e-mailed once a month to all participants. It is a great way to keep moving forward with your skills after you have taken any of her classes! Receive the first 6 months for the special introductory rate of $60. To sign up and send in your questions, please e-mail Martha@TalkWithYourAnimals.com


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