Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is Your Pet Spoiled?

Is Your Pet Spoiled? an article written by Margaret Auld-Louie of Optimum Choices (BioPreparation) - Healthy choices for people & pets, one of our wonderful sponsors,

There is no question that many people spoil and pamper their pets; however, it is also true that many things that constitute humane and appropriate care of our animals get labeled as “spoiling” our pets. Unfortunately, this shames pet owners and may discourage them from doing that particular activity, even though it benefits their pet.

With my background in biology, I tend to evaluate care of our pets based on whether it meets their needs as a species for humane and appropriate treatment. In other words, I look at what they need physically, emotionally and mentally. For instance, dogs are pack animals and if we have a single dog as a pet, it still needs to be part of a pack. Packs live, hunt and sleep together. Therefore, sticking a single dog outside in the backyard alone because it will “mess up the house” or “belongs outside” is very unnatural for the dog and frightening. If the dog barks while alone in the yard, it is not because the dog is “bad” but because it is lonely, bored, scared or reacting to nearby people and animals (which can be minimized with a privacy fence). Therefore, letting your dog live in the house with its human “pack” is the most natural and humane treatment of him, rather than “spoiling” him.

Are you spoiling your dog or cat, if they sleep with you on the bed? How about giving them table scraps, supplements, bottled or filtered water or provide massages or adequate stimulation with toys and exercise? In my opinion, spoiling is giving our pets something they want that is not good for them, because they like it (just as with children).

When deciding how to care for your pets, we encourage you to learn about what they need as an animal—a dog, cat, rabbit or whatever species they are, rather than simply viewing them as “furry children”. Learn what they need to be healthy and happy and provide that, rather than just giving them what you would want if you were them. Then you will be truly loving your pets rather than just spoiling them.

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